2nd & 3rd Sunday Lesson Helps Template #2

This is probably the simplest template I’ll post for turning a General Conference talk into a discussion-based lesson.  This formula is actually the one my Gospel Doctrine class sees the most.  Part of the reason it works well is because I tend to turn most class comments into a bit of conversation. Continue reading 2nd & 3rd Sunday Lesson Helps Template #2

2nd & 3rd Sunday Lesson Helps Template #1

Starting in 2018 your Relief Society or ward leaders will pick out a random General Conference talk for every 2nd & 3rd Sunday lesson.  What’s your plan once you know which talk it is?

Here is the Church website, listing some short lesson descriptions: Second & Third Sunday Meetings

This post will provide some ideas to help pull any General Conference talk into a discussion-rich experience with your Relief Society or Priesthood group.  Once you’ve done it a time or two, you’ll find it is easier than you anticipated.  Some additional templates and ideas will be posted in the future. Continue reading 2nd & 3rd Sunday Lesson Helps Template #1

4th Sunday Lesson Helps For 2018

The LDS Church website has just put out the 4th Sunday lessons for 2018.

There are six of them, all of them the same topic (Sabbath Day) and they are only one paragraph long.  Even so, they are brilliantly original and very different from each other.  These lesson plans cover January to June 2018.  Here is the first one:

The Sabbath is a day to remember what God has done for us.

“Throughout history, God has associated certain mighty works with the Sabbath. These mighty works include the Creation (see Genesis 2:1–3), the exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt (see Deuteronomy 5:15), and the Savior’s Resurrection (see John 20:1–19; Acts 20:7). Invite members to review these passages and discuss how remembering each of these events can help us honor the Sabbath day. What are some of the mighty works that God has done for us? How can we remember these things on the Sabbath day? As applicable, invite members to discuss questions like these in their families.”

Although it doesn’t look like a lot of material, they make great lessons!  Take a look at a couple of step-by-step, completed lesson plans below.  Paragraph #1, paragraph #2 and paragraph #3 are ready for you to use.

Lesson Helps Sabbath #1

Lesson Helps Sabbath #2

Lesson Helps Sabbath #3