I Love Anti-Mormonism


Now that’s as odd of a blog post title as you could ever expect from here.

I have a completely different view of anti-mormon proselytism and of the dedicated detractors of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

They make life interesting.

This is a sincere outlook which is not meant to bait anyone or be smug. Continue reading I Love Anti-Mormonism

Sorry! Just Two More For Now

If my reaction to your anti-mormonism had a face (and a cup of cocoa).

To my friends ~ I’m sorry about blogging a couple more posts about anti-mormonism.  I promise to return to better and more relevant posts VERY soon.

Howard W. Hunter Lesson 20 should be up by this weekend!

It’s just that I’m inundated with antagonists right now on my Twitter account.  (Which I actually don’t mind).  So rather than answer each one separately, I’m posting a general response to one of the repeated methodologies they fire off in 140 Twitter characters, thinking they have some unique ah-hah point.   Continue reading Sorry! Just Two More For Now

A Tip For Dealing With Anti-Mormonism

It’s kind of surprising, but most of the responses and interaction I get on my Twitter ** account are from more antagonistic individuals engaged in anti-mormonism.  In fact, they visit my account almost every day.  I make friends when I can, but honestly not as frequent as I would like.  It does happen though. Continue reading A Tip For Dealing With Anti-Mormonism