About Me


…a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Blessed with one husband, six children, two grandchildren and a son-in-law (total count as of Sept 2016). My husband and I live in awesome, vibrant Salt Lake City, Utah about six minutes west of Temple Square. And my initials are SLC ~ the same as the city we live in.

Words are powerful. They open our minds, build ideas, and increase our awareness. The best words set us into upward motion. Written truth generates energy, movement, knowledge and even confidence. Truth has a life and power of its own.  I live for words and swim in them. Stringing words together and sending them off into cyberspace until their vibes reach you is my great joy. Together we add something significant to the universe when we share time and thought space.

For now, I prefer to remain anonymous…it keeps me humbler and in a simpler place. Plus, the words here can exist just for the sake of their own value and merit…with no other agenda. I have a prayer I always say before any lesson, or talk:  “Please, just let me be Christ’s.”  (Meaning don’t let my own smallness, baggage, vanity and pet peevish agendas sneak in ~ just let the message be true and faithful ~ void of my mortal fails.)  Remaining anonymous kind of comes from the same place.  For me, it lets the words flow free and with a purer intent.  This blog is not monetized for the same reasons.  Hopefully, this helps keep the content from ever being fluffed up, forced or contrived.

Your comments are read and valued.  If you feel like connecting…please do.

Of course, come visit again!

P.S. This blog expresses my own personal views only and is not an official publication of the LDS Church