To My Progressive and Feminist LDS Sisters

I love strong women.

…powerful women.

…confident women.

…conquering women.

…inventive women.

…educated women.

…career women.

…financially savvy women and women investors.

I love the woman at the well.

I love women comfortable in their own skin, regardless of their lifestyles.

So this makes me the odd duck out, because I love gender roles, distinctions and gender differences too. Please don’t homogenize nor blend my roles with men.  I don’t want to be the “same.” There is beautiful and powerful synergy between two genders with different roles but full of respect and admiration for the other. One person’s moment to shine and fill a role of honor doesn’t make me obsolete. It doesn’t remove all the moments I have to be central and important.

There are already so many opportunities for women to radiate, to be in front, to be on top, to create, to conquer, to foster and to be noticed. There is no lack of opportunity for authority and status to be had or superior roles to be filled on this planet among 7.6 billion humans. For me, going to Church isn’t about seeking power, status, roles or money or measuring myself by another’s acquisition of such things. It has nothing at all to do with my personal religion and the dynamism of my faith.

The Savior I follow wandered through the fields and ate raw corn for lack of a better meal. He chose to be born in a smelly donkey stall and slept in a feeding trough.  (Cozy words like “stable” and “manger are tradition’s way of sugar coating and romanticizing that stark reality. ) There were times the Savior had nowhere to lay his head. He was resoundingly rejected by most. There’s a message there – at the purest and most powerful center of religious believing, being and doing, there is nothing significant about our résumé of titles, statuses and positions.

As a blogger, I have more people hear my voice in a few month’s time than a Stake President will throughout his entire ten years worth of stake conferences. We ladies are given so much to be joyful over, so much leeway, so many chances to be “first” or “on top.” it’s just endless. When we choose to define ourselves by how we are marginalized or by what opportunities we lack, we create our own ceiling.  Instead, we become desensitized and distracted from all the ways we can get so much further, and have significant more license than we originally perceived. The heavens hold out a multiplicity of ways to accomplish it.

Yes, of the two times Christ officially announced His Messiahship to the world, it was to a woman first. Once to the woman at the well and once to Mary by the tomb. I’ll take that nod any day over a witness spot at the baptismal font. Tell me how you are powerful, gifted, strong, original, inventive and inspiring and how the heavens have opened to you. You need no one’s permission for such things nor any role nor status to verify it.

You are so much better than that inferiority script of victimhood and marginalization some will suggest you recite about yourself.

Think and act above that script.  Some of you are stuck inside some cardboard box, searching in minute corners for identity, validation, fairness and meaning when there is so much outside of the box to be had.

I’ve been corporate, I’ve had lots of employees.  I’ve founded my own successful business, I’ve traveled and I’ve conquered.

I’ve been a mom, a homemaker and a Primary teacher.

Nothing beats being a woman who has found her personal power.  By contrast, you won’t find any supremacy by whining, comparing, or victim-hooding yourself…ever.  You are so much more than those politically-correct spinning wheels could ever get you.  Please, please re-consider your script.  When you turn your focus to maximizing the opportunities and resources around you ~ you will find your great endowment and calling, and it will probably be more than you can truly use.

I love you.

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  1. I feel the same way. <3 Thanks for putting it into words!

    I suspect there are more of 'us' out there than anyone knows . . . we don't get fussed up and cause a kerfluffle, so nobody knows. LOL

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