4th Sunday Lesson Helps For 2018

The LDS Church website has just put out the 4th Sunday lessons for 2018.

There are six of them, all of them the same topic (Sabbath Day) and they are only one paragraph long.  Even so, they are brilliantly original and very different from each other.  These lesson plans cover January to June 2018.  Here is the first one:

The Sabbath is a day to remember what God has done for us.

“Throughout history, God has associated certain mighty works with the Sabbath. These mighty works include the Creation (see Genesis 2:1–3), the exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt (see Deuteronomy 5:15), and the Savior’s Resurrection (see John 20:1–19; Acts 20:7). Invite members to review these passages and discuss how remembering each of these events can help us honor the Sabbath day. What are some of the mighty works that God has done for us? How can we remember these things on the Sabbath day? As applicable, invite members to discuss questions like these in their families.”

Although it doesn’t look like a lot of material, they make great lessons!  Take a look at a couple of step-by-step, completed lesson plans below.  Paragraph #1, paragraph #2 and paragraph #3 are ready for you to use.

Lesson Helps Sabbath #1

Lesson Helps Sabbath #2

Lesson Helps Sabbath #3

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10 thoughts on “4th Sunday Lesson Helps For 2018”

  1. Just found your blog. I must say you are awesome! To say that you have enough material for a lesson in one paragraph is an understatement. You have provided so much more than we can ever cover in one meeting! Thank you so much for your insight and willingness to share!!!

  2. The way that I understood the instructions for the 4th Sunday was not that we were to use the 6 “lessons” provided, but that we were to teach on the Sabbath on the 4th Sunday from Jan-April until the next topic comes out. As I understood it, the six “lessons” were examples that we could choose to use, or not, as long as we were teaching on the Sabbath day.

    1. You bring up a great point. Here is the quote from the 4th Sunday page. “Leaders or teachers may choose from the doctrines and learning activities suggested below, combine several of them, or create their own according to the needs of members.”

      There is certainly a lot of leeway granted here and room for creativity. Even though the combinations are endless, the lesson helps on this blog are derived from the six original options given. Some people are great at pulling a lesson together from all kinds of resources, however most people won’t mind help with this. These lesson helps are an option, a suggestion, and an example of how to make a great class out of very little. Some people will appreciate this a lot. These posts get about 150 hits a day currently.

      Good luck with your lesson prep!

    2. Also, let me clarify – the Sabbath Day topic is for 6 months, Jan – June. The six-month topic booklet will come out in the May/Nov Ensign twice a year. In May, we will receive the six-month topic for July-Dec, and so on.

      One word of caution, some of us are talented enough to pull together six months worth of Sabbath Day material without being painfully redundant, however the original six paragraphs brilliantly point to a completely different aspect of the Sabbath Day. There is a lot of variety in those six paragraphs and I find each one has more than enough material for each class.

    1. Hello Dear Robyn

      The 2nd & 3rd Sundays in 2018 will be the General Conference Talks chosen at random by your RS president, bishop or ?? There is no set order, so it would be difficult to pull that off. However, I do plan on posting some lesson format helps on how to turn a conference talk into an RS lesson plan (really a discussion plan, but you know what I mean.) Let’s see if we can help all the teachers no matter what their assignment is next year.

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